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FixedRowVector Class Reference

List of all members.

Public Member Functions

FixedRowVector append (const FixedRowVector &a) const
FixedRowVectorapply (fp_fp_Mapper f)
FixedRowVector chdecsize (const double n)
FixedRowVector chdecsize (const RowVector &n)
FixedRowVector chintsize (const double n)
FixedRowVector chintsize (const RowVector &n)
FixedRowVector extract (int c1, int c2) const
FixedRowVector extract_n (int c1, int n) const
FixedRowVectorfill (FixedPoint val)
FixedRowVectorfill (FixedPoint val, int c1, int c2)
RowVector fixedpoint (void) const
 FixedRowVector (unsigned int is, unsigned int ds, const RowVector &a)
 FixedRowVector (const MArray< FixedPoint > &a)
 FixedRowVector (const MArray< int > &is, const MArray< int > &ds, const RowVector &a)
 FixedRowVector (const RowVector &is, const RowVector &ds)
 FixedRowVector (const RowVector &is, const RowVector &ds, const RowVector &a)
 FixedRowVector (int n)
 FixedRowVector (unsigned int is, unsigned int ds, const RowVector &a, const RowVector &b)
 FixedRowVector (unsigned int is, unsigned int ds, const FixedRowVector &a)
 FixedRowVector (const MArray< int > &is, const MArray< int > &ds)
 FixedRowVector (const MArray< int > &is, const MArray< int > &ds, const RowVector &a, const RowVector &b)
 FixedRowVector (const MArray< int > &is, const MArray< int > &ds, const FixedRowVector &a)
 FixedRowVector (const RowVector &is, const RowVector &ds, const RowVector &a, const RowVector &b)
 FixedRowVector (const RowVector &is, const RowVector &ds, const FixedRowVector &a)
 FixedRowVector (int n, FixedPoint val)
 FixedRowVector (const FixedRowVector &a)
RowVector getdecsize (void) const
RowVector getintsize (void) const
RowVector getnumber (void) const
FixedRowVector incdecsize (const RowVector &n)
FixedRowVector incdecsize ()
FixedRowVector incdecsize (const double n)
FixedRowVector incintsize ()
FixedRowVector incintsize (const double n)
FixedRowVector incintsize (const RowVector &n)
FixedRowVectorinsert (const FixedRowVector &a, int c)
FixedRowVector map (fp_fp_Mapper f) const
FixedPoint max (void) const
FixedPoint min (void) const
bool operator!= (const FixedRowVector &a) const
FixedRowVectoroperator= (const FixedRowVector &a)
bool operator== (const FixedRowVector &a) const
RowVector sign (void) const
RowVector signbit (void) const
FixedColumnVector transpose (void) const

Private Member Functions

 FixedRowVector (FixedPoint *d, int l)


FixedRowVector abs (const FixedRowVector &x)
FixedRowVector ceil (const FixedRowVector &x)
FixedRowVector conj (const FixedRowVector &x)
FixedRowVector cos (const FixedRowVector &x)
FixedRowVector cosh (const FixedRowVector &x)
FixedRowVector exp (const FixedRowVector &x)
RowVector fixedpoint (const FixedRowVector &x)
FixedRowVector floor (const FixedRowVector &x)
RowVector getdecsize (const FixedRowVector &x)
RowVector getintsize (const FixedRowVector &x)
RowVector getnumber (const FixedRowVector &x)
FixedRowVector imag (const FixedRowVector &x)
FixedRowVector log (const FixedRowVector &x)
FixedRowVector log10 (const FixedRowVector &x)
FixedRowVector operator* (const FixedRowVector &a, const Matrix &b)
std::ostream & operator<< (std::ostream &os, const FixedRowVector &a)
std::istream & operator>> (std::istream &is, FixedRowVector &a)
FixedRowVector real (const FixedRowVector &x)
FixedRowVector rint (const FixedRowVector &x)
FixedRowVector round (const FixedRowVector &x)
RowVector sign (const FixedRowVector &x)
RowVector signbit (const FixedRowVector &x)
FixedRowVector sin (const FixedRowVector &x)
FixedRowVector sinh (const FixedRowVector &x)
FixedRowVector sqrt (const FixedRowVector &x)
FixedRowVector tan (const FixedRowVector &x)
FixedRowVector tanh (const FixedRowVector &x)

Detailed Description

Definition at line 45 of file fixedRowVector.h.

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